Sunday, 30 September 2012

successful ragecode-weekend

just uploaded a new release for the lite-version of Dorobou Neko! And while I have to wait for approval, I'll keep working on v0.5.0 and the full version. Why? Because of the LudumDare October challenge!

Updated Roadmap:

more levels
change checkered background to greenish
chicky does not turn back on go back
on go back, numbers are not resetted correctly
remove plane stop animation
remove capabilities error (don't show arrow)
Editor with explaining messages, save level (extra screen)
error messages 'no goal' must add goal
error messages 'no chicky must add chicky', 
remove z-Order bug in screen with arrows, 
arrows are not counted
on last screen -> go back with arrows, 
post online screens, (+'by uploading this, you allow blah blah')
cat bug in-between tiles
speed buttons x1, x2, x4 
bridge sounds
make sound loop better (pause between restarts)
bridge only on water
make credits Tri T. Truong to Tri Truong
editor: resetted cats, bridge and chicky don't face right
change green graphics in main screen
change rock graphics
redid sounds
BB10 ready
bug in load levels (editor)

green green hills
green green hills intro
new level select screen
level previews
more levels (at least 10)
try again zOrder bug
app world link to own game
'qwak!' sound
intro screen with more cats, intro green
Change between states: mit pause and sound
isostart: sounds
zOrder of arrow tiles in isostate
chicky/kitteh have shadows
GOAL-tile with white 'G' when all packages collected

Port to Android
survival mode(s)

add the MEOW song

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