My Games

This is a list of all games I ever made, currently make and hopefully will make ((if I'm not too lazy to update this list)). Stay tuned!


LudumDare 32 Deadly Roads
Android I Hate 123
iOS I Hate 123
iOS Pairs 2
iOS I Hate Chickens
iOS I Hate Cats


PewDieJam Little Viking 2: Survival of the Dimwittiest
BB App World Sex Position Timer
iOS XMAS Pairs
iOS Kitteh Pairs
iOS Zoom In 1 Word
iOS Animal Shape Quiz
iOS I Hate Clocks
iOS Country Quiz
iOS I Hate German
iOS I Hate Math
iOS Flag Quiz
Ludum Dare 30 Complement Chicky
iOS Burger Match
Ludum Dare 29 Little Viking
iOS Parody Flap
iOS Pairs - a concentration card game
iOS Quads


Ludum Dare 27 Mr. Sushi! Order Please!
BB App World Chicky And Katey
Ludum Dare 26 Chicky & Katey


Ludum Dare 25 THE BUTCHER
October Challenge Chicky and the Cats: Dorobou Neko!! (+ Newgrounds)
BB App World IQueens
BB App World Chicky And The Cats!
BB App World Chicky And The Cats: Pairs
BB App World OCTO
BB App World Chicky And The Cats: Dorobou Neko!
BB App World Highnoon Chicky
Ludum Dare 24 Dorobou Neko!
MiniLD #34 HighNoon Chicky
Ludum Dare 23 Tiny Tim's Race World


Ludum Dare 21 TREASURES
BB App World Play Words! for BlackBerry PlayBook
Ludum Dare 20 Postman Chicky!


iOS iQueens
Ludum Dare 19 Ancient Discoveries
Ludum Dare 17 ChickenPost!


Ludum Dare 16 Spacexplorer
Ludum Dare 14 Advancing Wall of Doom

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