Friday, 21 November 2014

October challenge completed!

Zoom In 1 Word has officially finished the October Challenge 2014 successfully!
As you can see in the image, this months totals has exceeded 1 USD! Yayyy! And it ‘only’ took 20 days :v
On a side note: iAds suck :D I made two other games in the meantime, selling them for $0.99 each, and both made more than this game already ;)
If you wanna check it out, it’s available in the Apple App Store (iPad & iPhone), and it’s free. For more info, see my LudumDare October challenge entry

Now just a few more months and I can finally buy a hotdog with my money! :D

Thursday, 6 November 2014

New App + LudumDare October Challenge!

Another two apps that made it to the store! The big Eye is my October challenge entry, and the other one another mini app which can make you feel stupid :)

Zoom In 1 Word! Can you guess the enlarged image?

How good can you recognize food, animals and things? With Zoom In 1 Word you can test yourself! Try to guess what is shown in the image, select the letters in the correct order and solve the puzzle!

And for the extra fun: Play together with family and friends!

Have fun!

I Hate Clocks. So much. Don't you hate them too? 

This app will make you hate them even more. With this app you can either become raging mad unable to figure out what the right time is to become mad, train yourself to get a lot better to read a clock no matter if you're in Hong Kong, New York or London, or start crying, thinking your final hours have come :) 

Are you up to the challenge?