Saturday, 15 September 2012

...making a roadmap...

V.0.3.0 first lite release
chicky's plane
animation for water
animation for win, 
kitteh bug between tiles,
make isochicky thinner
credits screen -> remove macleod
win screen -> add happy chicky!  
back button in level select
new levels

V0.4.0 adding a level editor
change rock graphics
Editor with explaining messages, remove capabilities error
error messages 'no goal, no chicky', 
remove z-Order bug in screen with arrows, 
arrows are not counted
on last screen -> go back with arrows, 
post online screens, (+'by uploading this, you allow blah blah')
cat bug in-between tiles
bridge sounds
make sound loop better (pause between restarts)
bridge only on water
editor: resetted cats, bridge and chicky don't face right

V0.5.0 extras
'qwak!' sound
intro screen with more cats, intro green
Wechsel between states: mit pause and sound
isostart: sounds
speed buttons x1, x2, x4 
zOrder of arrow tiles
chicky/kitteh have shadows
GOAL-tile with white 'G' when all packages collected

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