Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Status update!

Status update! Since June I uploaded several new apps, and all of them are available for free ;) ! My bet with my roommate is still running, but he isn't very productive (concerning his own apps)


Wanna become a burger chef? Do it like SpongeBob and combine your ingredients to make tasty burgers!

This game is my take on 2048


"I Hate German". A simple statement, but the statement says it all ;) German as a language is not as easy as some may think, and with this app you can test yourself, how good you are when you face the german DER DIE DAS, what EVERYONE 'loves' who wants to learn german ^^

My girlfriend and my roommates girlfriend are both currently learning german. I guess they'll hate me for this app :D

This game is a quiz with flags! Test your knowledge with this word game

I wanted to try making a word game, and this was the (first) result. Also, I think I can go even further with the base code of this app

What do ppl hate even more than German? Apparently Math. I'm not sure why, actually I like math ^^ . But having a few ppl test this game made me realize, how angry you can get when you're unable to add 3 and 5 ;) (btw, it's not 6)

Personally, this one is just for fun ^^ But it was too simple for me, that's why I added a few means traps into the game. Wanna see for yourself ;) ? Check it out

You can go to the App Store by clicking the images ;) Also, there's another app in the review queue, based on Flag Quiz. You can probably guess what it is ;)

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