Sunday, 18 November 2012

BB10 Port-A-Thon!

OK, I admit, pacing was a bit slow lately. But here's how it is - you plan your week, and then, on Monday, a big company is telling all devs to port their existing games to a new platform with a timeslot of 36hours, starting in 5 days. What you get? A PlayBook for more than two apps, a Dev Alpha device for 5 or more (as long as you belong to the first 100 ppl).

Like....say whaaaaat??

Naturally, a dev like me would cancel all he had planned for the week, start porting, notice, he has only 4 games he would port, and start creating two additional games, next to working a normal 40h shift plus overtime. But HAH, I wouldn't be me if I hadn't said the magic words: "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED"

So here are the games I ported for the BB10 Port-A-Thon:

1. Chicky And The Cats: Dorobou Neko!!

It's a puzzle game where you need to lead Chicky to the goal, while picking up all the packages that the cats have stolen. You place arrows onto a 2-dimensional grid, press start and then watch Chicky waddle along the waay in an isometric grid

2. Chicky And The Cats!

This is a small premiere for me - this game was made a long time ago, and it was the first game introducing the cats as Chicky's mighty nasty tricky enemies. Its working title was 'Darodius', an homage to Ludum Dare and Parodius. So as you can see, it's about Chicky, cats, and a parodius-like shoot'em-all!

3. iQueens

The first game I ever published for money. At that time, two years ago, a friend of mine wanted to start developing for iPhone and asked me if I would join him. And I said yes! So, two years later, this chess-themed puzzle game has made its way to BB10!


Madness? MADNESS! Madness? MADNESS! THIS IS PORT-AAAA!!! Madness is the word to describe these kinda games. You are the small triangle and you try to survive - sounds easy? Nope, Chuck Testa. This game was made in Marmalade/C++ though, and as of now, BB10 games crash at startup for whatever reasons. Still, Marmalade devs got an e-mail to upload games anyway, they'll figure something out

5. Quadriangles

One of the games I made on whim - a matching game where you turn around all your quadriangles so that triangles with the same color match each other. Sounds easier than you think, especially because it is really frustrating when you notice a mistake you made ten tiles ago^^. But it was fun to write something in AS3 again, though I noticed, why I don't create games without hardware-accelaration anymore :D

6. Chicky And The Cats: Pairs

With a few hours left, asking myself if it is sufficient to get the Dev Alpha when OCTO didn't run, I decided to make another game, a sixth game, to be on the safe side. Side story: a working colleague of mine asked me to make a concentration game with cats, because he went to IKEA a few days ago, and his son was occupied with a simple 4x3 concentration game for quite some time. Back to the main story: Why not? I had many pictures of Chicky left anyway, though they were destined to be level icons, minigames and app icons, but hey, since I already put the effort into it, you can now see Chicky in more situations I wanted to put him through. Also, the icons are randomize, meaning, you may see Highnoon Chicky at one point in the game, and at another point he may not appear ^^


Well, that was fun. You might ask yourself why I didn't just make the same game over and over? Because that's just not my style. I wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror if I did something sad like that

Well, let's hope I get a dev alpha^^Weeeeeeee

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